Experience the natural beauty of the North, Middle and South Forks of the American River with Whitewater Excitement,  Tributary Whitewater Tours and American Whitewater Expeditions.  These three premier whitewater rafting companies, in Northern California, offer fun, relaxing, and thrilling whitewater rafting trips on all three Forks (North, Middle, South) of the American River for individuals, families, friends, and groups of all sizes and experience levels.

The Middle Fork flows through 18 miles of densely forested wilderness canyon lands of the Tahoe National Forest and offers excitement through many adrenaline-pumping Class IV rapids.

The South Fork offers beautiful scenery and class III rapids with steady flows throughout the entire summer.

The North Fork is the most difficult of all the forks of the American,  quickly gathers momentum and enters the class IV “Chamberlain Falls Gorge”.  Here the river drops through a very steep gorge between house-sized boulders and over waterfalls that reach eight feet in height.

Rafting trips on the SOUTH, MIDDLE and NORTH FORKS of the American River are available with Whitewater Excitement, Tributary Whitewater Tours and American Whitewater Expeditions and are suitable for ages starting from 4+.


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